Pinewood Derby Rules

These rules are the official rules for the BSAC Pinewood Derby and are to be used for the Pack, District and Council races.
NOTE: Rules included in the Pinewood Derby Car Kit are not official BSAC rules.

1. Kit - Cars must be built with the materials furnished in the NEW Official BSA Pinewood Derby Car Kit. NOTE: BSA National changed the design of the wheels and axles in 2009. The Official Pinewood Derby kit must be purchased from the Boy Scout Shop in Findlay or Lima or an official BSA Distributor. Other brands, such as Pine Car, have different axle spacing and different size parts and will be disqualified.
A. A new car must be built each year BY THE SCOUT who is racing and the Scout must be present at the race.
B. Only one car per Scout can be entered in the Scout race.
C. The same car without modifications must be used for the Pack, District and Council races.
2. Width - Overall car width including wheels, axles and accessories shall not exceed 2 ¾ inches.
3. Length - Overall car length shall not exceed 7 inches. This includes any accessories attached to the car. NOTE: Verify wood block length before starting to cut out your car, as some blocks are actually slightly longer than 7 inches.
4. Weight - The completed car shall not exceed 5.00 ounces. The car may be hollowed out and built to a maximum weight by the addition of solid material provided it is securely built into the car.
A. Weights secured by tape will not be allowed.
B. Loose or liquid materials are not allowed.
C. Details added to the car, such as, steering wheel, driver, decals etc., are permissible as long as they are securely fastened to the car and do not exceed the car's weight or size limit.
5. Shape - The car may be of any style, but no part of the car may extend beyond the front bumper, which rests against the starting pin. (See diagrams on page 3.)
A. “U” or “V” shaped front ends are not allowed.
B. The forward most part of the car must be the lowest part of the car. No barge type or stepped noses.
C. The center of the front of the car must be at least ¾ inch wide, no pointed fronts, as viewed from above the car.
D. The front edge must be at least 1/8 inch thick. It must not be a sharp point, as viewed from the front of the car.
6. Ground Clearance - The distance from the bottom of the wheel to the bottom of the car must be no less than 3/8 inch in order to clear track runners. The 3/8 inch clearance also applies to any weights and/or attachments on the bottom of car. (See diagrams on page 3.)
7. Wheelbase - The distance between axle slots may not be altered. NOTE: Wheelbase, or distance between axle slots, is different on Pine Car kits and will disqualify your car.
8. Axles - Only the nails furnished with the kit are allowed. Only post-1999 Official BSA axels may be used. Axles must be installed in the slots provided by the manufacturer. Axles may not be altered in any way except for polishing. NOTE: The difference between 2009 and post-1999 is the length of the nail and the location of the crimp marks on the axle.
9. Lubrication - Powdered graphite is the recommended lubricant. No liquid lubricant or waxes are permitted. Lubrication must be applied to axles prior to weigh-in. Lubrication is NOT allowed to be added after the car has passed inspection or during racing.
10. Design - The car shall not ride on any type of springs, have independent suspension, or be designed as a spring. The car may not have any starting devices. The car must be freewheeling and gravity driven.
11. Magnets - No magnetic material may be used on the car.
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12. Wheels - Only the NEW 2009 Official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels may be used. Black or colored wheels (red, blue, yellow and orange) are acceptable. All four wheels must be installed in-line with the axle slots on the derby car.
A. The only modification allowed is polishing of the tread area, but it must remain flat. The tread area may not be rounded, grooved or shaped to a point. (See diagram on page 3.)
B. Ridges must be untouched.
C. Wheel/tread/sidewall width and/ or diameter may not be shaved or altered.
D Hub width and/or diameter may not be shaved or altered.
E. No drilling holes in the side of the wheels.
F. No wheel bearings, bushings or washers are allowed. The wheel must spin on the authorized axle.
G. No hubcaps on wheels are allowed. However, you may paint only the hubcap area and lettering of the tire.
“NEW” 2009 redesign wheel (not to scale) “OLD” post-1999 wheel and axle (not to scale)
13. Once the car is weighed-in and accepted for competition, it will be placed in the custody of racing officials and will not be taken out until the car is scheduled to run. This applies to Pack, District, and Council level races.
14. During the racing event, cars can only be handled by a race official or by the Scout to whom they belong and only after obtaining permission from an official.
15. The car may not be designed in any way, which would give unfair advantage at the starting gate or hinder the track starting mechanism to add momentum. (See diagrams on page 3)
16. Categories eligible for throphies include: Speed, Design, and Paint. Cars winning at the pack and district level are only going on to compete in the next level in the category in which they received an award. That means: Speed winners race Speed winners, Design winners compete for design trophy and Paint winners compete for Paint trophy. All cars will have the chance to race. All categories must follow all the rules. (Paint and design entries must also meet all the rules.)
17. Inspectors decisions are FINAL. Appropriate Scout behavior is expected of everyone.